Getting started in online advertising

Are you a startup trying to figure out what kind of marketing plan you need to launch and grow your new business? It’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed trying to wade your way through all of the information you find while doing research. You obviously believe in your new product or you wouldn’t be here trying to learn of the best way to tell the world about it. The only thing left to do is find the tools to promote your business in a professional, ethical manner.

Get Started In Online Advertising

Obviously you want to tell the world all about your amazing new product, but how? You need to start advertising with small ads. The smaller the niche that you target, the more qualified traffic your ads will drive to you. Consider implementing internet marketing tools like Google Adwords and Facebook Paid Ads into your arsenal of marketing ideas to kick-start your online brand reputation.

Create In-Store Signs that Offer Deals for Subscribing to the Company Mailing List

When customers come to your store, you want to offer them a chance to be included in future specials, deals, and promotions. There’s no better way to do this than by encouraging them to sign up for the company mailing list. Mailing lists today aren’t what they used to be – the days of having a mailing list of physical addresses are gone. Instead, digital sign-ups are the way of the present and future. If you’re not already offering a company mailing list that provides access to coupons, deals, and special offers, now is a good time to start.

Ask for Feedback

If you can use signage to ask for feedback on your products and services – do it! The feedback you receive from your customers can be used to create a “customer persona” that details a general description of who your customers are and what they want from your business. One way to do this is by creating a “leave a response here” sign or banner. Hang this new signage in a place where customers can easily see it after paying for their products or services. Then, leave a small note pad or comment card underneath the sign, and reward customers who leave feedback with a free (or discounted) service. By using signage in each of the ways above, you can start to create a sign campaign that closely compliments the advertising activity your business does online. Be sure to keep track of how your signage drives customer interest, sales, and referrals if possible. If you have any questions about how you can start to incorporate signage into your company advertising strategies, contact us today.