2016 Advertising Colors: A Shift from Traditional Color Palates

2016 Advertising Colors: A Shift from Traditional Color Palates As 2015 quickly becomes a memory, the New Year of 2016 is promising a wealth of change, growth, and excitement for people across the world. For businesses, the changes that the New Year brings will have to be met with equal parts of knowledge and preparation. Advertising campaigns of all kinds depend on attractive, eye-catching graphics and text to attract the attention of the business’s target market, the basis of which solely relies on trending color pallets. In today’s blog, we’ll touch on the trending advertising colors of 2016, according to global color management expert, Pantone.
The 2016 Top Ten Colors
Rose Quartz- A light but gender neutral shade of pink, this color is excellent for signs and banners hoping to achieve a more sophisticated look. Rose quartz contrasts well against blacks, whites, and deep browns.
Peach Echo- Sitting somewhere between orange and pink, the Peach Echo is bold, warm, and friendly. It would make an excellent font color for banners and signage with dark backgrounds.
Serenity- A calming tone of sky-blue, the Serenity shade is predicted to be one of the most consumer-friendly colors for 2016. Perfect for businesses and marketing material relating to calming recreational events, it pairs well with tones of white, black, and yellow.
Snorkel Blue- This shade of blue is a perfect representation of the tones of the deep sea, and serves as a great anchor color for hanging banners, window decals, and car sign decals. Pair Snorkel Blue with light colors such as whites and tans for the best results.
Buttercup- Designed to bring a cheer and excitement into any advertising banner or sign, the Buttercup tone is a vibrant yellow that works well with blacks, greys, greens, and oranges.
Limpet Shell- A beachy blue, the Limpett Shell is a great color for text on sidewalk signs, as an accent color for a hanging banner, or a bright background for any type of print or digital advertising material. This spring tone is perfectly paired with blacks, golds, and deep browns.
Lilac Grey- A subtle mix of grey and lilac purple, Lilac Grey will make a great 2016 anchor color for any sign, banner, or car topper. Pair this shade with bright, vibrantly colored text and accent graphics for a popping effect.
Fiesta Red- Vibrant, exciting, and ready for a party, Fiesta red is the perfect attention grabbing color for any type of marketing material. Pair this intense shade of red with neutral tones for a piece of advertising content that contrasts well and states its purpose with flair.
Iced Coffee- The only truly neutral color selected for 2016, the Iced Coffee tone is perfect for a calming background to any advertising material. Pair this shade with bright colors such as Buttercup or Fiesta for a contrasting color scheme that promotes interest and conversions.
Green Flash- When vibrant, spring colors are needed to make a statement, Green Flash is a perfect choice. A perfect anchor or accent color, this shade of green goes well with signs and banners that also incorporate yellows, pinks, browns, reds, and blacks.