2016 Buzzwords to Avoid in Advertisements

A buzzword is a word or phrase that is a part of cultural jargon.

Although many advertisers love buzzwords (after all, they help us explain ourselves to people quickly) sometimes they can create frustration due to repletion. In fact, there are some marketing and advertising buzzwords that have been used for decades to sell products or services, with little success. Some of these buzzwords are bearable, but others have been used into oblivion. Don’t make your customers cringe when they see your next advertisement- avoid these overused 2016 buzzwords below. Millennials. Advertising that attempts to appeal to millennials can be tricky. Using new slang in your advertising may not be the best idea, because popular language comes and goes. “Sick” in the 1980’s was an acceptable phrase. If it was used today, it would only discredit the company as out of date. Quality, Not Quantity Stating that your business puts quality over quantity is like saying a race car focuses on speed instead of interior space. It’s obvious, and everyone has already said this a million times. If it has to be stated, then true quality comes into question. Transparency A popular trend right now is companies giving consumers an “inside look” at what they do every day. Some commercials claim that there is nothing hidden from their customers and they keep things simple. This should definitely be proven by the action of the companies, not used as a marketing point. It can make customers feel like they’re either being patronized or actually being bamboozled by a company. Ideation/Innovation Ideation is a rising 2016 buzzword that really is just a fancy way of saying new ideas. Innovation is creating and enacting original ideas. These two go hand in hand, and they rarely mean anything spectacular. Sure, your business claims to be innovative, but how is it doing that? What will these innovative ideas do for the consumer to meet their needs? Forward Thinking This is similar to ideation and innovation, but it attempts to describe the company itself versus what the company is doing. Of course everyone wants to be forward thinking and come up with the best ideas to bring in and keep the most business! Saying “We are a forward thinking business that is full of innovation!” is all well and good, but what makes your company so progressive? What ideas have you come up with? What are you planning for the future? 2016 is halfway over already, but we can finish the year off strong. This year is all about taking action, and your advertising plan needs to keep that theme. Instead of using empty buzzwords, use meaningful stories to tell customers and your team how your product or service is helpful. Make sure the advertisement is clear, simple, and effective. Once you’re ready, visit our stock of advertising signs to jumpstart your new campaign affordably. If you have any questions about what type of sign is best for your storefront, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.