Using Parking Lot Signs for Your Company

One of the most obvious struggles of living in a large city (or even visiting one) is parking.

It can cause a lot of stress, and it may even discourage people from shopping unless they absolutely have to. In an attempt to remedy this, some businesses secure private parking just for customers, but often times these private spots aren’t visible from the street. Businesses need to be able to communicate parking alternatives to customers in clear, concise statements. Each store has its own unique layout and street access, but there is an option for every situation. Today, let’s take a look at how you can use signage to direct customers to private parking lots.

Different Types of Parking Lot Signs

Window Graphics:

Posting a sign in the window of your business to direct customers to designated parking areas will relieve the stress of finding parking elsewhere. Keep in mind whatever sign you use needs to be visible from the street – be sure to prioritize large font and graphics in the design. Use bright colors to gain attention, and make sure any directional arrows you use clearly point in the direction of the parking space.

Vinyl Banners:

Another parking lot sign option is vinyl banners. They are versatile, weatherproof, and can be customized to fit any area. Vinyl banners work best when trees or fencing are available to be used as a foundation to tie the banner to. Like window decals, these signs should be bold and clear to passing vehicles. Downtown streets are often very busy and sometimes are one-way- if you intend to hang your signage in an area like this, be sure to place it in a highly visible spot so customers can turn into the lot on time.

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are an option as well. They can be used when hanging a banner is not a viable option. Because these signs are much smaller than vinyl banners or window graphics, they should be placed close to the street so passing vehicles can read them. placing them where cars will park in front of them may not be the best idea.

What Should you Say?

Though parking signs may seem simple and straightforward, paying close attention to the wording you use is very important. Ensure that any special instructions are very clear and easily legible. Consider phrases like “No parking in front of the store” or “Park around back” with an arrow indicating the direction of the parking lot. Keep directions short, simple, and extremely easy to understand. If your business neighbors don’t want your guests parking in their lot, consider mentioning that (nicely) on your sign as well. Having an additional parking lot dedicated to your customers is a great way to relieve the stress of on-street parking. By using directional signs, you can ensure that customers have the best possible experience while finding your lot and coming into your store. REMEMBER: large, bold font and an easy to interpret design works best. If you need help designing the next sign for your parking lot, contact our team today for suggestions.