Include Signs in your Social Media Marketing

When you think of what makes an eye-catching sign, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Large text, bright colors, and an exquisite design are just three of the things advertisers strive to include on every sign they create. But in today’s digitally focused world, a great sign is no longer about its appearance. The need to make physical advertising relevant to online campaigns is growing by the day- use your signs to improve your social impact and get the most value out of your investment. Let’s take a look at how companies can start using social media marketing to increase the reach of their signs, banners, and vehicle advertisements.

Why Social Media Marketing?

As of June of 2016, Facebook estimates 1.71 billion monthly active users worldwide. Twitter had about 320 million in March of 2016. That’s a lot of potential clientele! These statistics indicate that advertising through social media is an avenue that cannot be ignored in this modern era. Social media has made people more visually oriented, and it would be wise to use every tool available to appeal to that. Now more than ever, social media is an amazing way to advertise special events like clearance sales, new store openings, and product promotions.

Start Promoting Yourself

To promote yourself on social, start by transferring the sign’s design into an image that can be shared on different social platforms. Be sure to use bright, bold colors in your images, and don’t be afraid to adjust the graphic (and the content you post with it) to fit the tone of the social platform you’re using. Another creative idea is to take pictures of your sign in action and post those to social. Studies show that shoppers can relate to a company easier when their posts aren't sales oriented, but more focused towards “inside peeks” behind the operational curtain. Another example of creative advertising techniques is to post a photo of your sidewalk sign outside your storefront and ask socialites to “like” your photo if they’ve passed the sign. Many people will probably acknowledge that they’ve passed your store or at least know where it is. Promoting a sale with this method keeps your physical location fresh in the mind of those you’re reaching virtually. By showing the world what your store looks like (and capturing one of your banners or sidewalk signs in action in the photo), you can promote products effectively without pushing for a “hard sell.” Use the popularity of social media to your advantage by building a social profile that includes visuals of your store’s interior, exterior, and customer service in action. Don’t be afraid to highlight banners, sidewalk signs, and other physical advertising assets to emphasize the value your business brings to clients. In doing you, you can indirectly create a loyal brand following while driving more sales to your website and physical location. If you have any questions about building your business with signs and social media marketing, contact our team today at 1-800-321-1850.