Rebranding Signs: What’s the Point?

Your signs are considered the face of your company.

Their colors, content, and size sends an important message to the cars and pedestrians who pass your storefront each day. As the intimate front man of your business, signage needs to be an accurate representation of your company’s products, services, and culture. If you’ve noticed your signage isn’t drawing in customers, or feel that your business motives and sign design simply don’t match one another, it may be time to consider rebranding signs. Today, let’s take a look at when rebranding company signage is a good idea. New Management When a company undergoes a management change, rebranding is one of the first things that comes up in the executive suite. Is a new logo needed? Should the company tagline be changed? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, rebranding signs is something you absolutely need to put on your to-do list. Philosophy Change Has your company recently changed its moto, morals, or philosophy? If the change is drastic, rebranding is something your team will have to look at. Use images and short sentences to communicate your new philosophy, then add those designs to your interior and exterior signage to show the community how much your business has grown.

The Function and Aesthetics of Your Company Don’t Fit

Are you an electrical company using a bike logo on your signs and business cards? While this may seem like a silly, extreme example, all too often businesses have a severe miscommunication between their company purpose and the way that goal is presented to the public. If the function of your business doesn’t match the image you’ve created for yourself, it’s time to rebrand your signage! Bankruptcy Some business go bankrupt. While this financial winter is sad and lonely, there are countless ways to bring your business back from the ashes. One of the ways many entrepreneurs choose to rekindle their financial flame is by adding a DBA to their business name, then rebranding their company image to get themselves back in the market. If you’re returning to the market after an unfortunate financial downturn, consider rebranding signs with your new DBA name. Rebranding Signs Isn’t Always Right Although rebranding signs is a good idea for a number of reasons, there are some occasions where rebranding signage isn’t the right choice. Before making the leap into a whole new company image, take a look at the pros and cons of changing your logo, signage, and tagline and speak to your team about their thoughts on the matter. For some agencies, rebranding signage is the right solution for both long and short term issues. Exceptional issues like bankruptcy, management changes, and philosophy adjustments are all excellent reasons to develop a rebranding strategy. If you need help rebranding the signs for your business, contact us today.