Designing Signage that Captures your Customer's Attention

Signs are one of the greatest ways to share your brand with the world. Over the years, signage companies like HTH Inc. have enabled companies to promote their business affordably, with very little maintenance. We’ve noticed, however, that some signs are becoming too repetitive. Rather than using regurgitated content or plain backgrounds in your signage, take a look at a few unique ways you can use business sings to tell the story about your brand.

Why a Story?

When HTH Inc. was founded in 1984, we set out with a goal of helping companies promote themselves with quality marketing tools like car signs. Today, we’re proud to offer some of the best vinyl banners, sidewalk signs, and window graphics available in the marketing industry. Despite the superior quality of our products, however, there is one thing that you need to add to make your signs stand out in your store. What is this key piece of the puzzle? A story. Put quite simply, stories are powerful ways people share valuable information with one another. So, what is your company’s story? Are you dedicated to bringing the highest quality coffee to your community, or are you a restaurant that wants to give people good food in a short period of time? Whatever your story is, here are a few unique ways you can consolidate it into an effective signage design.

Using a Story to Create a Unique Sign for Business

Before designing signage that tells the story of your brand, take a moment to consider what kind of tone and message would resonate most with your customers. For example: a yoga studio may choose an uplifting tone for their message, while a gym may choose a high-energy story instead. • Content: As the most traditional way to communicate stories to one another, the content on your sign is a key way to tell your business’s goals, future, and history. Try incorporating your company motto, mission, or values into the content to create a more powerful story. • Images: Today, digital imagery has given us an incredible ability to tell stories with a simple image. Using pictures to express the most important things about your company can be as simple as taking a picture during your production process, or hiring a graphic designer to put together a detailed and custom image. When your designing your new company signs, be sure to incorporate high quality graphics that you own the rights to. Just how important is storytelling for the branding process? PsychologyToday has found in one of their studies that (according to MRI neuro-imagery) people use feelings and experiences to judge brand value, rather than the brand’s actual product features and advertised facts. In another study, researchers found that an ad’s ability to be “likeable” is the biggest determining factor of whether or not it will succeed. As marketers and business owners, using that information to understand just how powerful storytelling and emotion-targeted signage design is can be the first step to increasing your sales and brand visibility significantly. If you already have ideas of what type of story you’d like to tell on your signage, take a look at the different signage options we carry.