Are These 2 Inconsistencies Plaguing Your Customer Loyalty?

What do your customers think about your brand image? Are you exciting? Dull? Practical? The personality that your logo, motto, and colors give off can play a big role in the amount of sales you do. Unfortunately, it can take some time for a business to figure out exactly what their brand is all about, and how to communicate that meaning to their customers. One problem many companies have, particularly in their early years, is ironing out inconsistencies in their brand image. What do we mean by that? In today’s post, we’ll take a look at 4 different problems companies have with their brand image, and how you can stop them from happening in your company.

Content Tone

Your company should be thought of kind of like a person- it should have its own purpose, personality, and unique features that make it one of a kind. One of the most common problems companies have is creating a content that follows a specific tone or style. After all, many businesses have to use a variety of writers to get all the content they need completed, and every person writers in their own unique style. Because of this, many companies have inconsistencies in their content tone.

For example: a company may choose to use a bold, professional style on their website, but a slack and bubbly tone in their blog. While this may seem frugal, many customers come to rely on a brand because of its reliability, if nothing else.

Although there are few statistics available regarding the way physical content affects customer purchasing decisions, we do know that 62% of millennials feel online content creates customer loyalty to their brand. Many businesses strive to achieve a unique style of consistent content on their company page- for this reason, we can conclude that maintaining a consistent style from your webpage and onto your storefront is a must for driving brand loyalty.

Product Description vs. Actual Services

Another common discrepancy companies have between their signage and their actual brand is their product description and actual services offered. Many companies get excited about putting their services or product features into print, and (in one way or another) fail to deliver.

Customers love brands because of the stories they tell, and the quality of the products they sell.

But in order for your customers to love the quality and meaning behind your products, it’s important to set realistic expectations. For this reason, we encourage companies to be 100% truthful about their pricing when they print it onto their signage; that means including taxes and fees in your advertised price!

Companies that are offering a service should be specific about their scope of work when offering discounts or deals on signage, or avoid adding detailed information all together if their services change frequently.

Creating customer loyalty with your signage doesn’t need to be difficult.

Make a conscious effort to be consistent with the tone of all the content you publish to ensure customers can get a true understanding of your brand’s personality and purpose. Finally, avoid discrepancies in your product descriptions- what you’ve advertised on your signage should be exactly what you’re offering; not only will this avoid setting false expectations for your customers, it will also teach your customers that they can learn to trust your brand, even for the smallest things.