Using Your Car as an Advertising Tool is Cheap and Effective

When it comes to advertising for business, one of your biggest goals is probably affordability while still having an effective campaign. After all, no business wants to waste their budget on failed advertising expenses.  Like many business owners, you’ve probably considered using your car in some way or another to advertise. Whether you’ve seen a car sign and thought it'd be an easy and effective method, or you’ve seen flashy advertisements on the side of cars, using your car as an advertising tool can be beneficial. Here’s some of the top reasons why using your car as an advertising tool is cheap and effective.

Reach a Larger Audience

With an ad on your car, anyone you drive by suddenly becomes a potential customer. After a research done by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, we now know that car advertisements reach up to 70,000 people in a day! And that’s assuming you go about your day as normal and don't drive between more places than usual.

Cost Effective

Every business loves making money, but spending it is a completely different story. Since advertising can be one of the more expensive aspects of running a business, it’s easy to see why such a cost effective advertising method like car advertising is increasing in popularity. Studies show that not only is using your car for advertising one of the cheapest advertising methods, it’s also incredibly effective. For less than 10% of the average radio ad cost, you can reach the same number of people (or more) without breaking your budget. With how cost effective car advertising is, it’s a mystery why it isn’t more popular!

Increase Awareness & Positivity

Using your car to advertise your business can increase the public’s awareness of your brand. Putting an advertisement on the side of a car or truck raises the number of potential customers every time you drive by. What’s more, when your vehicle is parked outside a familiar store, people notice and start to associate your brand with your business. This creates a positive impression of your business in their head as they assume that friends, neighbors, and local businesses regularly do business with you.

Attention Grabbing

Everyone passes billboards when they drive and after a while, they all start to look the same. With car advertisements though, you can create an attention grabbing “mobile billboard” that will make passersby look again. You yourself had done a double take after passing a particularly eye-catching vehicle, so why not apply the same technique to your own business? Call attention to your business easily with well-designed, bright car advertising techniques and save money in the process.

Bypass Restrictions

With many other types of advertising, there are rules and restrictions you are required to abide by. Billboards have limits on how long you can leave up your advertisements, radio and TV ads have time limits, and setting up a sign can require more paperwork than seems necessary. When using your car as an advertising tool, you get to bypass all these restrictions and set your own standards. There aren’t any time limits, you don’t have to use a specific location, and you won’t end up paying more for a longer slot. Using your vehicle allows for much more freedom than any other types of advertising tool, but this freedom doesn’t come at an extra price. 


No matter your business type, using your car as an advertising tool is both cheap and effective. It’s time to seriously consider turning your car into an advertising engine for your business and reap the benefits!