Top 10 Food Delivery Orders in 2023

Don’t you just love all the cool spots we have here in Orlando for food? Wouldn’t those spots be even better if you knew you could get it delivered, too?! For sure. And guess who makes the delivery car roof signs? That's us here at HTH Signs in Winter Park, FL. We're listing our Top 10 best local food delivery orders of 2023 to keep you craving more for the rest of the year! 

1. Burrito 


Burritos are the perfect dish on the weekdays or weekends with your friends or office mates. We are at Garibaldi’s Mexican Restaurant in Apopka, FL. where they have so many delicious options on food. Get it delivered today with our car delivery sign for your love of tacos, burritos and chimichangas. 

2. Cheeseburger

Cheeseburgers are totally a top in our family here at HTH so it doesn't really surprise us to see them at number two. Get one ordered and delivered today. There's a ton of good locations with lots of options on pricing and styles of burgers. Check your nearby locations and our car toppers out with HTH Signs.

3. Pizza 
Pizza is number three on the delivery food items this year, which surprises us a little since we think it should be number one. Did you know our top delivery car toppers are for pizza? Papa Johns, one of our top clients, uses our signs to increase their sales. During the night they keep the rooftop car signs lit so you can see the delicious food coming your way.  Check out your pizza sign for car that pulls up to your house next!

4. Pad Thai 
Siam Garden not only offers yummy treats to all of us locals, but also your kiddos will love their options, too! Treat yourself and treat them also to delivery tonight. Pictured here is the famous Chicken Pad Thai. 

5. Chicken Quesadilla
The Chicken Quesadilla takes the place in fifth for being one of the Top 10 food delivery items. Where’s your go to in Central Florida? Quesadillas are always a good choice.

6. Sushi Roll
Ready for something fresh and delicious from the sea? Try a sushi roll at several different locations around town. We order this weekly at the office since so many of us like it. Check out the local car sign when you get yours delivered! 

7. Fried Chicken Sandwich
Ready to get spicy? We have a ton of fried chicken options here in Orlando especially on chicken strip - Mills Ave - with options like Chicken Guy and PDQ. Pictured here is the PDQ Chicken Sandwich we got delivered this week. Yum!

8. Salad
Do you believe that Salad is an option for delivery and lots order it here in Orlando? It takes the spot for number eight. There's a new place in Winter Park called Just Salad and they have great choices for a variety of dishes. Pictured here is the Honey Crispy Chicken Salad.

9. Boneless Wings
Boneless Wings made the list at number nine and we're happy because they are finger licking good. We love wings and all the different variety of ways to cook them or sauce them. What's your flavor?

10. Dessert
When you're already treating yourself to something yummy for dinner and having it delivered its not a bad idea to just add on dessert, too, right? Brownies or a slice of cake are always good shareable options.

This blog was written for HTH Signs Inc. by Shannon Wolfgang including clients of our own and possible new clients for 2024 based on the Top Ten Food Delivery Orders of 2023. Shannon is a full time graphic designer and writer for HTH and can help you customize your order on graphics as you see fit for your company.