Top 10 Benefits of Car Top Signs

You have likely seen car top signs on many company cars, advertising the company’s services and clear contact information. Using car top signs could potentially draw in a whole new group of customers when they see your advertising on the road. It is important to understand the many different benefits of having a car top sign on your business or personal vehicle so you can leverage this piece of valuable advertising real estate.

Top 10 Benefits of Car Top Signs

Easy to Spot

A car top sign will help customers identify your car by the company advertised on the sign. Customers will be able to find you easily when you are nearby and they can give you more specific directions and lead your destination. Your customers will also be more prepared to accept their delivery when you arrive.

Efficient Advertising Strategy

Car top signs are one of the most efficient and economical advertising strategies for any business. These signs are budget friendly, do not require monthly upkeep, and they capture the attention of potential customers more than most other advertising strategies. They are also very useful for employees who use their own personal vehicles as their work vehicles because they can easily be transferred from one vehicle to the next.

Helps Customers Know You Deliver

Some potential customers may not know that your business delivers to their area until they see a car top sign on the top of your vehicle. Customers rely on convenience and dependability from the companies they support the most, so having customers know that you deliver in their area will work greatly in your favor.

Generates Sales

Car top signs are basically transportable advertisements. Customers will likely be more inspired to spend their money there. Think of them as billboard signs. With more attention and impressions, you have a higher likelihood of converting potential customers into actual buyers.

Easy Impressions

Speaking of impressions, the amount of people who witness the advertising from car top signs really add up over time. On an average day, a vehicle with a car top sign advertisement can reach up to 70,000 impressions. The advertisements on vehicles are typically more eye-catching than most other types of advertisement and they bring more revenue to the advertised companies.


You can display an array of interesting and versatile designs on your car top these days. From quads to pizza slices, you can harness your creativity to come up with attractive designs. We also know that business changes over time. If you need to change your car top sign, you can do so easily.

Establishes a Presence for Your Company

Establishing a presence is essential for any business. People are more likely to buy from a business that they are familiar with and trust. Having a car top sign with the name of your company and contact information will help build a sense of credibility and familiarity as your vehicle makes its way around town.

Additional Space for Advertising

Car top signs are just an additional space for advertising. Why not utilize an otherwise empty spot on your car? You will gain more attention from potential customers while being on-the-go and carrying out your delivery tasks.

Great Durability

In comparison to other car signs such as car stickers, car top signs have lesser wear and tear over time. With car stickers and decals, you might face peeling issues. Car top signs definitely last longer and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of too much maintenance. It is a good long term investment for a durable advertising product that will last for a long time.

Inspires Impulse Orders

When people see your sign advertising for your company, they may be tempted to make an impulse purchase if it is appealing to them. An impulse order means the customer gets to try out your service or product, paving way for a long term relationship. Or, it could be an impulse order for an old customer, reminding them about your business once again.


If your company has not used car stop signs to advertise their business, it is a good idea to reap the benefits. Harness the benefits of car top signs today to bring in your business for your brand. Afterall, that spot above your car is just going to sit empty so why not utilize the space for some cost effective and creative advertising?