The Top-3 Elements of an Effective Business Sign

  Crafting an effective business sign is no simple task. In fact, even with our vast experience, every sign we develop still poses its own unique challenges we must address. We could dive into a list of complex concepts around design and marketing but instead, we have decided to boil down three of the most important elements that make up an effective business sign. With this introduction, you can have a solid foundation on which to start thinking about for your own sign strategy.

What Makes for an Effective Business Sign?

  • Brief is Better: An effective business sign is like a person of few words–though brief, perhaps even curt, when they speak, people tend to listen. Overloading a sign with unnecessary fluff is an easy way to not only water down your messaging but possibly keep it from ever being read in the first place. A passerby may take one look at a block of text and simply say, “No thanks.” Boil your messaging down to its most essential elements.
  • Positioning is a Priority: As the old real estate cliche says, three of the most important factors to consider are location, location, location. Is your sign readable from the roadway? Can foot traffic spot it while walking down the sidewalk? Is it in a well-lit area? Without these considerations made, even the best designed and written signs will fall flat.
  • The Essentials are...Essential: When writing and designing a sign, it can be easy to overlook the essentials, instead, getting tied up in flashy looks or a killer tagline. Do not forget to deliver the important facts to your audience: your business’s name, hours, promotions, contact information, etc. Even if someone drives by your sign without stopping into your business, they may just write down your number or look up your URL to investigate your brand further.
Though there are many other factors that go into crafting signage, the above three factors set the stage for an effective business sign. Keep your message brief, place your sign carefully for readability and never forget to include essential information. Though those tips should help, we know designing an effective business sign can be a bit intimidating. Whether you are a first timer sign designer or a business just looking to touch up their signage, our team at HTH Inc. is ready to help you craft something special.