Car Toppers vs Car Magnets: Which One is Best for You

When it comes to advertising for your business, how do you decide between a car topper or car magnet? More people are familiar with car toppers than with car magnets, but both are great at boosting your advertising and getting your business’s name out there.  They both serve relatively similar purposes, but there are some benefits car toppers have that car magnets don’t, and vice versa.

Benefits of Car Toppers and Car Magnets

Both car toppers and car magnets have some similar benefits, so we’ll quickly list them here before drawing out a better comparison between the two.
  1. Improved Advertising
With the ability to mount something onto your car, you can get some advertising done just by driving around town. If the car is your own, you can take it to the grocery store and while it’s waiting for you in the parking lot, you’ll get some free advertising in. Anyone that passes your car will also be better made aware of your business.
  1. Durable
Instead of posting a sticker or putting a poster in the back window of your car, car toppers and car magnets are built to be durable. They’ll withstand average daily weather conditions, and they’ll certainly last longer than a DIY poster would.

Benefits of Car Toppers

Car toppers are an effective and easy way to advertise for your business. They’re easy to see and you don’t have to worry about them once they’re on top of your car. You can find customizable car toppers pretty easily and at a pretty fair price.
  1. Easy to Spot
Since car toppers rest on top of your car, customers are able to better recognize you from a distance, particularly if your car topper has a unique shape. Think of that Domino’s driver: you see him from far away, but you know immediately who he is.  A car topper is better for recognizing brands from far away and can help your car stand out more in a parking lot.
  1. Allows for Additional Advertising Space
Your car topper will sit on top of your car, leaving the rest of your car readily available for any future advertising you may want. If you want to put a sticker on your car for when there’s a particular promo going on, you won’t have to remove your original topper. You can leave it be and just add in the remaining space without worry. 

Benefits of Car Magnets

Having an easy way to advertise your business is great, especially when all you have to do is slap a magnet on your car and go. While car toppers are great for business cars, car magnets allow you to have a little more versatility.
  1. Easily Removable
Say you use your car for work and personal use. You may not always want that business logo attached to your car which makes car magnets a great option. They are easy to attach and remove, but they won’t ever lose their “stickiness” or ability to stay stuck to your car. 
  1. Can Be Moved Around
Even if you want to add special magnets or stickers for promos or other brand events in the future, your car magnet can be moved to fit. Just make a few quick adjustments and you’re all set!  Car magnets are great for allowing for a bit more creativity and can be customized into some very specific, unique shapes and allow for a bit more creativity in your business.

So, Which is Best?

Both car magnets and car toppers are great options. However, there may be some situations where you want one instead of the other. If you’re going to be doing lots of highway driving, car toppers are a better choice. Whereas car magnets are known to come off on highways, car toppers will stay with you for the whole trip.  If you are looking to use your personal car for work as well, however, the car magnet may be more appealing because you can take it off whenever you want.