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Car Top Sign - Mini Quad

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The Mini Quad


Price as configured: $135.00

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Hth's Mini Quad is the smaller version of our most popular sign, The Quad. With the Mini Quad you still have that durable, built to last design, but in a slightly smaller package. The Mini Quad's dimensions: 2 side panels measuring 8.44" W x 6.115" H each and two larger front and back panels measure 17.2" W x 6.9" H.

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  • Product Features
  • Product Specifications
  • Product Proper Care and Use

Our Magnets are "Strong & Soft"

  • Very strong Neodymium magnets
  • Patented and engineered for the roof of a car.
  • Powder coated for double protection
  • Soft rubber magnet covers included

Patented Light Wire Assembly

  • Vibration proof design, securely riveted
  • All wires machine crimped and terminated
  • Terminals over molded with Santonprene┬«
  • Twist & Lock Automotive bulbs

Scratch & UV Resistant Decals

  • Up to 5 years outdoor durability
  • All decals are laminated to resist fading and scratching
  • UV protection added to both decal & laminate
  • Extra strong vinyl adhesive eliminates peeling
  • Easily removed without leaving sticky residue

Durable Design Built to Last

  • One piece molded polyethylene design
  • White polyethelene w/ UV inhibitors prevent yellowing
  • Sign thickness optimized for bright back lighting
  • 2 year guarantee against breaking or cracking

Sign Lock - Protect Your Investment

  • Anti-theft device standard on roof mounted car signs
  • Clear vinyl insulation protects car roof
  • 480 lbs min. break strength
  • Sleek design and easy to use

Brighter & Better Lighting Options

  • Long life non-polarized 24 array LED bulbs
  • 26 watt automotive incandescent bulbs
  • Twist & lock sockets secures bulbs
  • All options create bright, uniform lighting


  • 4-sided sign
  • Dimensions: 18"L x 8"H x 9.25"W
  • Shell made from molded polyethylene, one-piece design
  • Car rooftop-mounted sign
  • 5 lbs

Patented Magnetic Cup Assembly

  • N38-grade neodymium magnets
  • Powder-coated assembly cup
  • Molded flexible thermoplastic covers
  • Diameter: 3.37"
  • Height: 0.5"


  • 2 printable areas (front): 17"L x 7"H
  • 2 printable areas (end): 8.75"L x 6.25"H
  • 3.5-mil gloss flexible soft crystal clear vinyl film
  • UV-protected vinyl laminate
  • Pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive

Battery-Powered LED System

  • Cool white 3-chip LEDs (10)
  • 12v 2300mA NiMH rechargeable battery packs (2)
  • 18v 1.5A AC adapter
  • Full charge time is about 5 hours
  • Lasts up to 10 hours when fully charged

Incandescent Light System

  • 12v DC current
  • 2.1A 1156 automotive bulbs (2)
  • Twist/Lock sockets
  • Cigarette cord made with 8-ft of paired 18-gauge SPT-2 wire; 7.5A in-line blade fuse; 0.187" dia. Shurplug┬« connectors
  • Battery-connector cord made with 8-ft of paired 18-gauge SPT-2 wire; 10A in-line blade fuse; 0.187" dia. Shurplug┬« connectors

Sign Lock

  • 1/8" diameter
  • Aircraft galvanized flexible cable
  • Clear vinyl jacket
  • 480 lbs. minimum break strength
  • Attached securely to sign with 1/4" lock nut

Magnetic Car Signs Require Care

  • Wait at least 90 days to use a magnetic sign on newly painted vehicles (60 days for clear-coat, two days for newly waxed surfaces).
  • Never place a magnetic car sign on the ground with the magnet-side down. Tiny bits of debris can become attached that can/will damage a vehicle's finish and are hard to remove.